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Heal The World, LLC is a special access research, management and consulting company specializing in adding value to private sector businesses. We invest our time, energy, finance and other resources in maximizing the quality of life for the peoples of the world. We have direct relationships with owners of precious and industrial metals, mines, royal families, diplomats, high value asset owners / managers, historical artifacts, disruptive technologies, digital assets, lenders, hedge funds, private investors, private banks and trade desks.

We are ready, willing and able to leverage our resources and relationships to service qualified projects, especially humanitarian or community projects with large-scale funding or private marketing (B2B) to identify strategic partners. Under our direct management and signatory authority, we have several mining claims in Kenya to  include copper, cobalt, iron, aluminum, titanium, silica and gemstones to include tsavorite and change color garnet of which we have exported thousands of gemstones since 2021. In Suriname we have a Silica Sand mining concession under management.

In 2023, we have directly structured the contract and delivery of US originated gold and other pay metals to clients and refineries from our Gold Reserve and Processing Partner. Our goal for the future is to diversify and expand our asset management portfolio to incorporate precious metal mines in the USA, South America and Africa. We welcome the opportunity to assist business professionals with their goals and most importantly building long lasting business relationships!


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We Research Special Access To Help You Reach Your Goals

Sometimes its better to approach business directly from the Top or from a warm introduction. We use our resources to research special access in-roads then provide special access reports for consideration, management and private business synergy consulting services to our clients.




Knox Saint Michael Ewers II, H.E, H.H.

Who We Are

We Are Humanitarians
And Global Activists

Our services are used to overall empower underserved communities and inspire development in areas that need it the most. We support, ocasionally donate services to and even finance objectives that bring needed solutions to people or increase knowledge and innovation in the world for a better tomorrow. We are proud supporters of the African Diaspora.



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Frequently Asked Questions

We want you to understand what it is we do for you and other clients and partners!

Yes direct communications are best for our research purposes and saves us time so we believe in being direct and do our best to align our clients with communications from direct sources when managing or consulting client portfolio items.

We consider special access to be our potential to assist a client's objective by finding direct access to personalities or institutions who can influence the outcome of our client's situations.

Fees are determined on a case by case basis for special access services.

Service Fees may be structured as Success Fees (Similar To Commissions), Residual Net Profit Participation, Special Access Rights or Joint Venture Agreements.

Upfront Consulting Fees are usually waived for approved special access requests, but in some cases we will charge up to $10,000,000 USD retainers for special access services.