150 Kilograms Gold Delivery Management Service

150 Kilograms Gold Delivery Management Service

Suggested Price: $700,000.00

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We hereby affirm the following;

  • This purchase guarantees the delivery of 150 kilograms of 96% Gold Dore Bars with full export, shipping and customs documents
  • 100% of All Financial Risk is transferred to Heal The World, LLC with the purchase of this management service (Get the service you paid for or 100% Money Back Guarantee)
  • A service contract will be executed with Client before the purchase of this service is performed
  • The origin of the gold is Zambia
  • The Purity is 96%
  • The Gold Source has been vetted by our management team and confirmed 100% legitimate
  • The Delivery will be made within 10 days of service payment settling in our Chase Bank Account
    • If Four (4) out of the Ten (10) days are weekend days hindering the provision of the services then an additional 2 days will be permitted of us to complete the service agreement.
  • After Delivery, Gold must be tested by Refinery and purchased for 17% gross / 14% net discount
  • 2 Year 100% CIF Contract to be signed after first delivery is completed @ 10% gross / 7% net discount
  • Commissions paid to consultants by Client






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